We're here to improve time, safety, money and errors in material handling environments...


EcoWrap® was created to be a sustainable alternative  for companies that want to improve their corporate sustainability while saving time, money and creating a safer working environment for their employees. 


EcoWrap® material handling solutions are easily applied, removed and are heavy duty to better protect palletized products in the warehouse and in transit.​



  • Reduces pollution, time, labor and costs.

  • Improves stacking errors to reduce damages in transit and warehouse.  

  • Delivers years of uses.  

  • Improves worker safety.

  • Ventilated to improve food spoilage issues. 

  • Include housing for packing slips and delivery paperwork.  

  • Customizable.

  • Manufactured with recycled materials. 


Ecowrap® solutions are manufactured and distributed by Fulltrades, USA. 

Proven to Reduce Damage 40-60%

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